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Ideas For Cardmakers
Fransie Snyman

Search Press
25 August 2016/ ISBN 9781782214410
How-To Books/Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


If you want to give somebody a greetings card, then making one yourself is so much more personal than buying one in a store. There are a vast amount of different ways of doing this and many tools and materials, but it all boils down to layout and design. This is where this book, originally published in South Africa, is a useful addition to any card maker’s stash.

There are many ways of learning how to use the various machines and materials from books to store demos; this is not that type of book. Instead, it is a book of ideas and templates for the layout of cards so you can see what goes where, see why it looks good and concentrate on the actual making part. There is a brief introduction showcasing some materials and mentioning a few methods, plus a helpful chapter showing how to do the basics, such as scoring cards, matting, attaching various items and good design principles. The rest of the book is divided into templates for four card shapes and types: square, oblong, standard and large. Each template has a number and a double page spread showing four examples. The template is not the type to scan and print so much as a guideline diagram, and each card has a skill rating from 1 to 4 plus a brief description. Techniques shown include teabag folding, iris folding, quilling, embossing, rubber stamping and many more. Instructions are not given, making this not a book for the beginner but for anybody with a few card making methods under their belt who is looking for layout ideas. I have not seen anything like this before and find it most useful, as will anybody who has ever sat with a blank card and lots of materials wondering how best to display it all.

If you cannot find a good range of card making materials locally, try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2016