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An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge
Kerby Rosanes Colouring Books Series #2

Kerby Rosanes

Michael O'Mara Books
5 May 2016/ ISBN 9781910552148
How-To Books/ Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Imagimorphia is the follow-up to Kerby Rosanes' sensational Animorphia, an internationally bestselling coloring book which has the author's trademark style. Here instead of just animals morphing into tangles of little creatures, there are many more variations. A camel carries a city on its back, animals are half beast half machine, birds are made of butterflies and King Kong morphs into New York.

It is a feast for the eyes and many hours of coloring pleasure. For those colorists who love to color animals (my hand is up) there are plenty of those, but also many pictures with a rather steampunk feel and other flights of imagination. The paper is bright white with bold black lines and pictures printed both sides, a shame as the paper is rather on the thin side. If you prefer pens to pencils (my hand is up again), you might find yourself switching allegiance for this book if you want to color both sides of the paper and you will. The book is a good size, the same as the earlier title being almost 10" square with the added element of looking for a list of hidden objects and answers at the back. Some pictures do vanish into the center of the book, but the book does lay open flat due to a bendy cover so you can almost color all of these pages. If you were not a fan of the earlier book's pages you can draw part of yourself, you will be glad to hear that there is very little of that here. Maybe I am in the minority of liking these pages best! But as this is billed as a coloring and search challenge book, not including it is perhaps not a bad idea. It is described as "extreme" and it certainly is, not being the best choice for coloring beginners, but it had a unisex appeal and is certainly one of the standout choices for 2016. I love it and hope he does another soon.

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