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The Knitted Nursery Collection
Jem Weston

Search Press
9 December 2015 / ISBN-13: 9781782213178
How-To Books/Knitting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Looking for something to make for a new baby? There are fourteen projects in this book for toys, accessories and decorations to knit. Many of these form neat sets of items that will look great in any nursery with their modern, uncluttered style. An intermediate level of expertise is required as this is a book of patterns and skills include intarsia, reading charts, felting and toy making. This is particularly a book for those who enjoy intarsia as there is a lot of it in here, with rugs, blankets and pillows featuring pictures that are echoed in the toys or hanging decorations. Choose from birds, elephants, rabbits or owls in bright, cheerful colors and make the most of Rowan yarns, some pieces also featuring cotton-quilting fabrics. I've looked at lots of other books purporting to have toys suitable for babies but these really do seem to fit the bill. They have embroidered features and no "hard bits" or trailing parts apart from the squirrel's scarf which can be removed. You won't find photographic staged instructions in here but patterns written out and some charts for the intarsia, as well as lots of handsome photos of the items made up and displayed. This is a spaciously laid out book with large print and an airy, roomy feel to it that fits the unfussy style of the items. This is an attractive, modern book that is sure to appeal to any competent knitter looking for something to give a new baby.

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