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Made In Paracord
Caitlin Wynne

Search Press
6 November 2015 / ISBN 9781782213741
How-To Books/Yarncraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Paracord is the latest material to be pressed into service for making jewelry, bags, belts and more. Once used for parachutes in WWII, it has come into its own as a beautiful and versatile craft material.

You don't need much to start making any of the items in this book. Just some cord, a lighter to seal the ends and workbasket basics. The book starts fairly immediately with the projects and you learn the knots as you go along. Start simply with a basic bangle and progress through necklaces, lanyards, string bags, straps for cameras and watches, mats, coasters, a dog lead, even a hammock and especially the old 70s macramé favorite, the hanging plant holder! Projects are grouped into three categories: jewelry, accessories and home/garden, and each one has staged instructions, usually with photographs showing how to do tricky parts. These are easy to follow and have a page sized photograph of the finished item, list of what you need and even a list of the knots you need to be able to tie. Many of the projects recycle the sort of old bits people often don't throw away, such as a belt buckle, watch face and even some copper tubes. At the back is a list of the knots with drawn diagrams: I personally prefer the photographic variety and some of the colors chosen to depict the stages are very pale. Yellow and pearl gray are not good choices on white! This aside, this is the best book I have seen to date on this new craft and is sure to garner many more fans of this new craft.

If you cannot find a good range of paracord locally, try for a list of suppliers.

UK customers can obtain a large range of colors from (100m lengths mostly)

For smaller jewelry quantites, clasps, kits and books check out

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