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Mandalas To Crochet
Haafner Linssen

Search Press
2 February 2016 / ISBN 9781782213895
How-To Books/Crochet

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


We all know about granny squares, but how about circular patterns? Mandalas need no introduction due to their popularity in other crafts, and now they are given the crochet treatment. Choose from thirty different patterns and seven projects and start your own mandala adventure.

This book has a beautiful cover that reminds me of the mandala coloring books that are so popular currently. If you are at least an improver level crocheter, you can tackle these patterns, and the book includes a handy refresher course to remind you of the stitches (nice clear diagrams with good use of color). There are also helpful diagrams for things like fastening off, joining rounds and other things related to working in the round, as well as tips about choosing colors. There is a short section on how to make your work flat and neat, and a whole series of pages depicting each mandala so you can choose which you want to make. The patterns are grouped into basic, classic, flowers and something special, and all feature a chart and written instructions as well as the size hook you need (3mm features most often). The projects are well laid out and easy to read, albeit with quite small not very bold print. I think that the large photos make getting it right easier, and certainly make you want to get started. At the back you can find the projects, and see how the mandalas can be sized up or down to make a bag, scarf, mat, hot pad, two different blankets and a gorgeous bath mat, my own favorite. I always admire anybody who can take an idea like granny squares and stand it on its head, showing how versatile crochet truly is. A unique and user-friendly book.

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Reviewed 2016