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Terry Harrison’s Watercolour Secrets
Terry Harrison

Search Press
23 August 2016/ ISBN 9781782213291
How-To Books/Painting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


As it says on the cover Terry Harrison shares his secrets with you – over 170 of them! In here are “a lifetime of painting techniques” by one of Search Press’ top artist authors in a book aimed at all levels of watercolor painter. I would hesitate to recommend this book to a total beginner personally, as the What To Buy section goes rather overboard for somebody who is perhaps not yet sure whether art (or maybe just watercolors) are the hobby for them. Somebody who has mastered the basics or who is an artist in another medium would get the most out of this book, as it is certainly filled with useful advice. Much of this involves examples and the various sections cover topics like working from photographs, painting various subjects, using color, techniques, troubleshooting etc. Included are short cuts using all kinds of unusual items, like cling film and plastic cards to achieve great effects simply, short projects to attempt and galleries of finished work. These have short explanations of what the artist was aiming at and how it was done. Some material in this book has been included from three of his earlier books, so if you have most of his work you might find some duplication. Anybody keen to improve their watercolor painting would get a lot out of this book.

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Reviewed 2016