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Ten-Step Drawing: Animals
Draw 75 Animals in 10 Easy Steps
BY Heather Kilgour

Search Press
13 June 2018/ ISBN 9781782216605
How-To Books / Art

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Draw seventy-five lifelike animals in just ten steps with this handy primer. Progress from a simple shape adding details and end up with a drawing you can be proud of. The introduction explains why it is simpler than you think to draw in this way, and lists what you need, briefly mentions adding color and how to get the proportions right. The rest of the book is divided into four sections: wild, aquatic, woodland and farm/domestic animals. In here you can find popular creatures like a panda, baby penguin, meerkat, orca and fox as well as more unusual choices like a skunk, walrus, platypus or dung beetle. This is a good book for a beginner because you really can draw some excellent studies of these animals just by following the instructions. Each stage has a short caption explaining what you are doing and before you know it, there is the finished piece. In common with most such books however although a beginner can produce the drawing, you will need more experience and talent to produce the final colored work. To be fair this is a book about drawing, not coloring so if you want to learn how to shade and blend using colored pencils (as the artist has used) you will need to get another book. First you will have fun working through the seventy-five pictures in this one, which I recommend to anybody who wants to learn how to draw animals.

Ten-Step Drawing Series


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Reviewed 2018