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350+ Beading Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets
A Compendium of Beading Know-How
BY Jean Power

Search Press
2 July 2018/ 9781782216575
How-To Books/Beadwork

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


If you are a complete beginner who wants to learn how to string and weave beads plus learn some wire techniques, you probably won’t find a better book than this. Its 160 pages are jam packed with pretty much everything you need to know, and unlike a lot of “beginner” books, it doesn’t matter if you really are starting from scratch. Originally published as Compendium of Beading Techniques back in 2009, this is one Search Press classic that any beader ought to own.

I have a copy of the original on my shelves and get a lot out of it despite being an experienced beader. I love the fold-out flap at the back which tells you wire sizes and gauges plus how many beads of a certain size you get to an inch, 18” or 24”. Turn to the beginning and learn all about beads, tools, wire, storage and more. Each page has lots of colorful images of the items, plus it tells you a bit about each and why you need them (or not). There are tips, descriptions, charts and “Fix It” features to help you buy wisely and get the most out of your purchases. After this you can find out about what you need to consider when designing a piece and even how to work comfortably. Along the way are lots of useful features such as a list of birth stones, a flow chart to use when designing for somebody else and the pros and cons of various stringing materials. The rest of the book is divided into chapters on stringing, wirework and weaving. This is not a book of projects but a guide to all the techniques you need to design your own pieces, or to understand a pattern. Learn all the most common offloom stitches, how to use a bead loom, work with wire and use all the different stringing materials correctly. Master finishing off, using tools, reading charts and fix problems like spilled beads or wonky holes. At the back is an index, a useful glossary and an indispensable list of UK stockists, groups and sites with more beading information. By the time you have worked through the book you will be ready for just about anything! This is one for the keeper shelf, and a great gift for anybody who wants to take up the hobby.

If you cannot find a good range of beadwork materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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