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The Art of Embroidered Flowers
Search Press Classics
Gilda Brown

Search Press
16 June 2017/ ISBN 9781782215226
How-To Books / Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Search Press Classics is a series of their books which have stood the test of time and gone the whole nine yards in providing inspiration and instruction. Originally published in 2004, this book shows what can be done with a very basic sewing machine, scraps of cloth, a few simple stitches and some fabric paint.

I have loved this book since it first came out, as it shows how you can do a lot with a little and have fun in the process. Recycle even tiny pieces of cloth and anything else you have to hand into some truly beautiful pictures. If you already do some type of sewing, you will have nearly everything you need, as apart from the basics you only require fabric paint, plain fabric (I mostly use calico) and various threads. There are a few pages about using photographs or sketches for inspiration, and how to do the background painting. You can also space dye your own threads and learn a few simple hand embroidery stitches. The rest of the book contains projects and ideas to take the basic idea further and make greetings cards, decorative paper mounts and expand into panoramic scenes. This is not a book of flower portraits but glorious landscapes showing fields of poppies and buttercups, meadows, gardens and other colorful scenes. Learn how to use a sewing machine’s most basic stitch and adorn the foreground with a mixture of hand embroidery and flowers made from tiny scraps of fabric. You can also embroider on paper or card, and to inspire you further, there are examples of the author’s other finished works. Simple and fun to do, it shows you how you don’t need to buy the craft shop in order to make something beautiful and is a great way of using up leftovers from larger projects.

If you cannot find a good range of embroidery materials locally, try for a list of suppliers.


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Reviewed 2017