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Beginner’s Guide To Linocut
BY Susan Yeates

Search Press
4 December 2018/ ISBN 9781782215844
How-To Books / How-To Books/Printing

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Make your mark with lino cutting! With this book you can learn from scratch what to buy, how to use it and discover the versatility of this printing method.

You really don’t need to know anything about lino cutting to be able to use this book – it truly is for the beginner. It starts by explaining what you need and why, and showing the variety of tools and materials available. Set up your workstation, learn how to transfer a drawing or tracing and how to carve and print. All this is shown in several short chapters using plenty of staged photographs complete with tips. It is a foolproof method that takes the process step by step, helping the learner avoid the usual beginner mistakes and use the tools safely and correctly. The rest of the book contains ten projects, starting with a simple sampler where you can practise using different tips and explore the range of mark making. Discover how to make a line drawing from a photograph, explore positive and negative images, work with text and print an image using more than one color. Use your blocks to decorate your own cards and wrapping paper, make seed packets so you can store (or give away) your harvested seeds and use fabric inks to print your own wash bag. I confess that printing on fabric was what I wanted the book for, but regardless of what type of ink you are going to use the practice projects will stand you in good stead. I haven’t done any lino cutting since school but this book made me go and buy a kit and take the hobby up again. Inspiring and very user friendly, this really does teach anybody (older children included) how to lino cut.

If you cannot find a good range of lino cutting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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