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Beginner’s Guide To Screen Printing
12 Beautiful Projects with Templates
BY Erin Lacy

Search Press
5 July 2019/ ISBN 9781782217244
How-To Books / Crafts

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Make your mark with this primer on screen printing. Even if you have never done any before you will soon be printing like a pro on not only fabric and paper but cork, wood and more.

I’ve done some screen printing in the past, but not recently so was keen to see if the book was suitable for a beginner. Buying the kit is not cheap and one of the main concerns anybody has before taking up a new hobby is whether they will take to it or not, so laying out money on costly equipment is often the reason they don’t bother. The author of this book wisely suggests having a try first with an embroidery hoop, a sponge dabber and a silk habutai scarf; this is also a very portable way of doing it. After introducing the materials and tools the book goes on to explain how the process works from drawing, to cutting the stencil, attaching it to the screen, printing and fixing. This is a lot to take in, but it is broken down into sections and there are plenty of staged photographs with reassuringly short captions which make it all seem doable. If the drawing part is rather a challenge, not to mention rendering your art to make it suitable for printing you can use found objects like leaves and of course the templates at the back.

The projects cover not only fabric items but postcards, wooden bunting, cork coasters and a card print for the wall. Fabric projects include a skirt, a bag, tea towel, table mats and a runner. Each one teaches a different lesson so you can amass useful and gift quality items while learning. The theme is mostly nature with an emphasis on the seaside as the author lives in Cornwall, and she sells her own range of paints for printing. At the back is a short gallery of items plus a handy glossary. I found this to be a very user (and purse) friendly primer on the sometimes rather daunting process of screen printing and look forward to taking it up again.

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