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Chain Mail Plus
Jewelry Projects Using Crystals, Charms & More
Sandy Haugen

Kalmbach Books
December 1, 2017/ ISBN 978-1627003858
Crafts & Hobbies / Jewelry & Beadwork / Jewelry

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Chain Mail Plus has over 20 projects for the jewelry maker who wants to go beyond straight chain mail designs. Using traditional weaves, the author suggests adding various crystals, charms, metal links and many more materials to add added dimension to a finished project.

I’ve always wanted to experiment with more designs using chain mail, and this new Kalmbach release provides plenty of inspiration and ideas that any novice or expert can build upon.

As usual, the book is in full color with coated stock, with an introduction, a good section on all the tools required, and information on lighting and magnification (helpful when dealing with those small rings), and materials, including suggestions for the type of jump rings to use. There’s even a reference to Tool Magic, a rubbery coating to prevent scratching those colorful jump rings.

Sandy Haugen covers earrings, bracelets, necklaces and various jewelry sets. My favorite designs include the “Charms in Harmony” bracelet, the “Triple Wrap-Sody” bracelet using leather cord (so hot these days), and the “Black Magic” and “Red Carpet” necklaces using satin ribbon. I love the jewelry sets too, but there are so many wonderful designs that I could go on and on. As I’m somewhat of a novice with chain mail, I especially found the Techniques and Tips section at the end of the book extremely helpful.

This latest release is a must have reference for who loves making jewelry using chain mail. The full color photos and complete step-by-step instructions will make even a novice feel like a pro and will be proud of the results. Like me, no doubt you’ll find favorite designs to use to make stunning jewelry for yourself, your family and friends.

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Linda Morelli is the award-winning author of Fiery Surrender, Shadow of a Doubt, and Lani's Challenge.
Reviewed 2017