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Color By Number: Animal Stencils
Activity Coloring Book for Adults Relaxation and Stress Relief
BY Sunlife Drawing

Sunlife Drawing
4 April 2019/ ISBN 9781092687089
How-To Books / Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Sunlife Drawing have published quite a few coloring books, all of which are different to the usual idea of line drawings to color in. Instead their style is more akin to a puzzle, where grids of squares or shapes have numbers in and you have to color them in to see the picture. Now they have a new line of pictures composed of shapes like a stencil and this is their latest book.

Anybody who has the One Color version of this will recognize the animals as they are the same, only this time in glorious color. On the cover is the turtle, and this gives a good idea of what to expect. Each of the thirty creatures is composed of lots of fancy shapes. All have a tiny number printed rather faintly in pale gray (good eyesight and good light needed here) and on the facing page a list of numbers and colors. Turn to the front for the master list; this has all twenty-two colors used plus a very useful box beside each to color in. Half the pictures have black backgrounds and the other half on white. Each picture has a black backing which helps a lot with pens bleeding through although if you want to use pens I would suggest a sheet of paper underneath too. Pens need to be water based rather than permanent like Sharpies, and there is a slight tooth for pencils. The paper is not very thick but the black certainly helps a lot, and the white is nice and bright. The lines are quite thin but black and visible (no pixels) the numbers less so. If this is an issue the book will have less appeal, but if they were darker it would spoil the effect. Perforations for removing the pictures would be a suggestion for the future; they look great when complete and as all they have on the back is the color list for the next picture they are very frameable. No image bleeds into the spine though, so care and a sharp knife make removal not easy but possible. Creatures include many favorites from pets like cat, dog and rabbit to wildlife from all over the world. These include a wolf, bear, lizards, fish, snake, sea horse, leopard, dolphins and many more, all looking elegant. Turn to the back cover for a full color list of suggested shades if you are not sure. Amazon suggest this book for travel and I agree it is ideal for taking on vacation as you only need to pack twenty-two pens or pencils and the book is quite thin. It will also appeal to anybody who does not own a huge set of pencils/pens as just a small, inexpensive one will do. Another excellent and innovative title from Sunlife Drawing. More please!

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