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Concrete Creations
45 easy-to-make gifts and accessories
Ingrid Moras & Marion Dawidowski

Search Press
US 6 March 2018; UK 29 November 2017/ ISBN 9781782215851
How-To Books/Craft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Like me, you probably associate concrete with the building industry and large-scale, outdoor projects. But it can also be used for making many smaller items from planters to necklaces. Here’s how…

I had no idea that concrete was “in” as a craft medium or that you could buy it in small quantities. I was also surprised to read that it wasn’t difficult to mix in a bucket, was suitable for small indoor projects or had so many uses. It is even environmentally friendly being made of natural materials – what’s not to love? You don’t need many tools to get started, and as the introduction states you can do it with “no extensive craft skills or prior knowledge”. After a short section explaining about mixing, safety and using molds the rest of the book is filled with forty-five projects. These vary greatly from the more obvious such as planters, house signs, doorstops and ornaments to the surprising which include jewelry, candlesticks, a soap dish, bowls, a wine cooler and cake stands. Each project shows a large photograph of the finished item in situ plus a list of what you need (in metric and imperial) and instructions. Some projects have an interim photograph showing a stage but mostly the instructions are in written format and fairly brief. This is not a problem as mixing, molding etc are surprisingly simple procedures so extensive expounding on steps is unnecessary. At the back are templates, some the right size but others need to be enlarged. This book was originally published in Germany a couple of years ago but a brief hunt on the internet showed that most of the items shown are available. It is fascinating to see how something as ordinary as concrete can be made into so many unexpected things that are attractive, modern and useful.

If you cannot find a good range of ready-mix concrete locally try for a list of suppliers.

UK stockists of Beton ready-mix concrete (as used in this book) and

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Reviewed 2017