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Cuddly Animals To Crochet
28 Cute Toys to Make and Love
BY Lucia Forthmann

Search Press
5 June 2018/ ISBN 9781782215776
How-To Books / Crochet

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Crochet twenty-eight cute and cuddly critters with this pattern book. There’s Charlotte the octopus who can do several things at once, James the Fox who loves playing his flute and Mabel the elephant who is mad about eating peanuts. This is not a book for the beginner, but you won’t find charts or lots of complicated stitches, so it is suitable for anybody who knows the basics and can read a pattern. At the front there are several clear diagrams showing most of the stitches used including a magic ring, tulip, mattress and raised stitch, plus increasing and decreasing. Each project has the instructions in written form row by row, with a list of materials, sizes given in metric and imperial and a page-sized photograph of the finished animal. There is a short piece describing what each creature likes to do, which brings them to life, and usually a couple of close-up photographs showing a small area in detail. The animals are arranged in themed groups and include forest, farm, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and water. Each chapter starts with a double page spread with all the toys in a row, and there are more photographs showing two children hugging and playing with them. Choose from old favorites such as a rabbit, panda, cat and owl or opt for something more unusual like a platypus, chameleon, zebra and raccoon. Toy heights (or lengths) range from about 8” to just over 17” and many toys have individual touches, such as being striped or unusual colors, making them look decorative and contemporary. I can imagine children being thrilled with the results and anybody with a bit of crochet experience will have fun working through these patterns.

If you cannot find a good range of crochet materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2018