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Cut and Create Paper Mosaics
Chiharu Rosenberg

Race Point Publishing (an imprint of The Quarto Group)
18 May 2017/ ISBN 9781631062841
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


When is a book not a book? When it not only has a booklet explaining what to do but a wallet bulging with templates and papers so you can start doing it.

Open out this A4-sized folder and you have a booklet on the left and the aforementioned wallet on the right with everything you need to make nine beautiful paper mosaic pictures. You will need scissors (or a knife), a basic hole punch, and paper glue, but apart from that it is all here. The instructions are simple to follow and include all the basics you need to know along with a section showing how to make up each picture. These are arranged into three groups of three -- beginner, intermediate and advanced -- and all depict scenes from nature inspired by the author’s Japanese background. A jungle at night, a fox in a forest, birds flying home, an egret posing in the water, and my favorite showing cherry blossoms are a few of the themes. They make great pictures to hang on the wall. It is a lot of fun to make them up, the materials are all good quality, and I do hope this is the first in a series of kits. Highly recommended for beauty, originality and general user friendliness.

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Reviewed 2017