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Drawing and Painting Animals With Expression
Marjolein Kruijt

Search Press
19 October 2016/ ISBN 9781782213215
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Bring your animal portraits to vibrant life with this book of tips. Whatever your medium, there are ways to add more character and realism, and this book is full of ideas. It is not for the beginner but for those who are either artists who want to start depicting animals, or for those who want to add that extra spark. The book starts with an overview of what materials are around and hints on what to buy and why, then moves on to where you are going to work. This section weighs up the pros and cons of working outdoors, from live animals, stuffed, or photographs. The rest of the book deals with a variety of animals and how best to depict what makes them special and unique. There is a chapter each for cats and dogs, then a third covering zoo and wild animals and birds. Most of each chapter is filled with inspiring paintings and drawings, each with a caption explaining what has been done to achieve the look. This is followed by a piece on backgrounds, drawing fur, feathers and anatomy, and how to capture characteristics when sketching. The final chapter contains demonstrations, which are staged projects showing how to bring together what you have learned. Each has a number of good sized captioned photographs so you can build up your work bit by bit, plus a list of what you need. Instead of giving the exact colors, there is a looser list elsewhere in the book to refer back to. There are six projects done in a variety of media depicting three dogs, two cats and a rabbit. This is a handsomely produced book that will appeal to the intermediate and up artist, yet falls down in one area; it has truly tiny print.

If you cannot find a good range of art materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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