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Floral Abundance Quilt
9 Blocks Plus Borders, Bonus Pillow Instructions
Deborah Kemball

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
UK: 28 December 2017/ US: 7 February 2018/ ISBN 9781617456596
How-To Books/Quilting

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde

This is not a book but a booklet and set of patterns inside a card case for making a beautiful heirloom floral quilt and matching pillows. At first glance this looks like an amazingly detailed and complex project with its nine different blocks and matching borders but taken a step at a time it is not so hard to learn this style of appliqué. Basic information about the actual quilting, assembly, etc, is not given as this is not a project aimed at the total beginner. If this is you, I advise learning the basics elsewhere, but improver-level quilters who want a doable challenge should be able to tackle this. The author states that there is further information in her excellent books so this is another good place to go for information, but quite a bit is given in this booklet on certain topics. Discover how to do the appliqué using freezer paper, make prairie points and learn some special hand embroidery stitches with helpful photographs. Follow the instructions to make up the blocks and border and assemble the quilt, or put together a pillow. These instructions are quite brief, as it is a case of following the basics at the front of the booklet and putting together each part.

Flowers depicted include sunflowers, mimosas, daisies, fuchsias and olive sprays all drawn in a folk art style enlivened with embroidery. I can imagine this impressive quilt being handed down as an heirloom, as well as being a lot of fun to make up.

If you cannot find a good range of quilting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2017