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Fold and Cut
Super-Symmetrical Papercut Projects for Artwork, Keepsakes, Greeting Cards, and More
Naomi Shiek

Search Press
2/12/ 2017/ ISBN 9781782215158
How-To Books/Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Inside this book are forty-eight templates to fold and cut. What they have in common is that they are all symmetrical and will provide many hours of relaxing cutting for many levels of paper cutter.

This is the sort of thing that people can still do better than die cutting machines. It is also one of the cheapest crafts you can take up, and the results are truly stunning and sure to impress recipients. Most people will already own most if not all of the materials and tools required and, unlike most crafts, there is not much to learn before you begin. The beginning of the book contains chapters on different folds, how to flatten, cutting tips and transferring designs, as well as information about what paper to buy and why you might need certain items. The rest of the book is divided into the projects and their templates. The latter can be cut directly from the book and have a patterned background, but there are also suggestions as to how to use the templates as they are. The project section contains instructions with staged photographs, lists of what you need, and photos of the finished items. If you are imagining a book of cards and tags, you will find these, but also a mask, garland, crown, mobile, paper chain, family tree, cake topper and cupcake case to name a few. Many designs are taken from the natural world with leaves, flowers and British wildlife such as a squirrel, deer, fox and swan. Most patterns are suitable for any time, but Halloween, Easter and Christmas have one project each. Total beginners would be advised to practice a bit first, but there are many patterns that are suitable for starting with, and those aimed at the more experienced cutter. This is a very handsome book with lots of photographs, patterns printed in a variety of colors with corresponding reverse sides, and each page decorated with paper cut captions and frames. One for the keeper shelf.

If you cannot find a good range of paper crafting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2017