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An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge
Kerby Rosanes Colouring Books Series #5

BY Kerby Rosanes

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara Books)
4 October 2018/ ISBN 9781910552926
How-To Books / Non Fiction/Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Kerby Rosanes puts his inimitable signature on the geographic world in his latest book. Delve into nineteen beautiful line drawings and see if you can find the hidden objects, then make them your own by coloring them in. The book has smooth, bright white paper with the images printed on only one side of the page so you can use felt tips with a light hand if you put some paper underneath while you work I’ve see thicker paper and I would not recommend paint or permanent markers like Sharpies, but any less wet media should be all right. Some pictures do disappear into the spine and sadly there are no perforations; a careful hand will be needed to remove the 9¾” square pictures for framing. No two page spreads means that you can hang all nineteen images on your walls but I hope a larger poster version will come out as it has done with two earlier books. These pictures are impressive small but would really look amazing larger.

On the cover a swimming polar bear drips with seaweed and the top of his emerging head is an iceberg. Fire wolves leap out of a volcano, a cave hides a city of skyscrapers, the head of a huge octopus is an island and a wooden elephant has a tree growing from his trunk. There is also a double page spread with a “this book belongs to” area and a title page where you can practice first, as well as an extra polar bear picture to help you get started. All pictures are hand drawn with no pixels and are highly visible though also highly detailed. Hours of fun await the owner of this book which would make an ideal gift – if you can bear to part with it!

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