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Hand-Stitched Landscapes and Flowers
10 Charming Embroidery Projects with Templates
BY Katrina Witten

Search Press
5 March 2019/ ISBN 9781782214519
How-To Books / Needlework

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Bring landscapes and flowers to vibrant life in hand embroidery with the twelve projects in this beautiful book. You don’t need to swallow a stitch encyclopaedia either as the author only uses six simple stitches plus a few variations. Her approach to embroidery is also a very green one, as her approach involves using up lots of different threads and yarns, fragments of fabric and small beads. Here’s how…

I love the hands-on approach to embroidery in this book. There are no dreary rules here, only the freedom to express yourself in stitches (and beads). You can see why this method is known as freestyle; this author has her own approach and explains how it is done, together with advice on designing your own work. As well as the various threads and small beads, she uses a lot of organza, both for backgrounds, torn up for flowers and in various other ways, all to great effect. The book starts with a short guide on what you need for this type of work before arming the reader with some useful tips on composing a design and transferring it to fabric, choosing colors, adding the organza and then stitching. It sounds beautifully simple and it is; just the thing to explode myths about embroidery being difficult to learn. There are pages of photographs showing the stitches (all very clear), how to work with organza, sewing on beads and the 3D work. This is done by stitching a motif on organza and burning around the edge with a needle heated in a candle (or see below for what I use). Achieve other 3D effects such as rocks, trees, woolly sheep and flower centers in various other innovative ways, and then have a go at putting it all together with the twelve projects. These are lovely, and a great way of learning through doing. Stitch pictures of poppy fields, sunflowers, a wood filled with bluebells, cow parsley in a hedgerow, hydrangeas and a buddleia covered with bees and butterflies. Most are pictures, but one is a fun pincushion. Turn to the back for templates, and visit the website for kits of all these projects plus many more. One for the keeper shelf.

If you cannot find a good range of embroidery and needlecraft materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

Visit the Rowandean website for kits and other things.

If you don’t fancy using a needle and candle you can opt for Antex’s Fabric Master. Buy it at Amazon or here

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