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How To Paint Water In Watercolour
Joe Dowden

Search Press
28 November 2016/ ISBN 9781782214199
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Water forms a vital part of watercolors, but actually capturing the many moods and varieties of this element on paper is not easy. Here is a whole book dedicated to showing all those tips and tricks that artists employ to make viewers think that they are looking at actual water rather than just a painting.

The book opens with a useful section on what to buy and why. The why is very important, as it lets you know what you can do with each color, including a section on mixing greens and grays. This is not a book where the author wants you to buy the whole art shop, and there are some thoughtful choices, including economical suggestions on using household items like china plates, wax candles and old toothbrushes. Following on is a useful chapter showing finished paintings explaining how each water effect was achieved, and six short staged exercises to get you started. These show how to paint different types of water from deep pools to sunlight, reflections, a waterfall and more. After this are seven full length projects for more complex paintings, each with a list of what you need, plenty of staged photographs and a final section showing two more finished paintings that achieve the same effect. This “Techniques In Practice” is a good idea as it gives the budding artist a look at what else can be done with the technique, especially as it contains explanations. Types of water effect covered include puddles, a seascape, ripples and four others. Each project has a line drawing to trace as a starting point, making this an ideal book for anybody fairly new to watercolor painting as it contains enough basic information. An excellent and very user friendly primer.

If you cannot find a good range of watercolor painting materials locally, try for a list of suppliers.
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