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How To Draw Really Cute Food
Draw Cute Series – Book III
BY Angela Nguyen

Search Press
19 August 2019/ Out in US 30 September 2019 /ISBN 9781782218081
How-To Books / Drawing

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


If you have bought the first two titles in this series you will know that “kawaii” is Japanese for cute. Now that you have mastered drawing animals and objects, it is the turn of food to get a cute makeover!

This is simpler than I realized, and these books all end up on my keeper shelf together with my collection on drawing in the manga style. If you find this difficult, rest assured that making things look cuter in the Japanese style is a whole lot easier. The first few pages show how to simplify your drawings and takes a look at what makes something look cute. Then you can make a start drawing with the simple, staged projects. You only need basic materials such as pencils, pens, paper etc., making this an inexpensive way to make your mark.

The book is divided into chapters so you can choose from depicting snacks, entrees, desserts and drinks. Main meals are incorporated into entrees for some reason. Each item takes up a double page spread and shows how you can build up a drawing, adding color, and also how to vary it. Popcorn kernels can be shown on their own or in a machine, for example. Chocolate can be a bar or in fancy shapes. Helpfully each chapter starts with a page of thumbnail sketches of each item, so making your choice of what to draw is easy. There aren’t any projects included, but it is not hard to envisage your cute drawings looking great on anything from greetings cards to T-Shirts. I hope there will be more titles in the Draw Cute series.

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