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How To Draw Really Cute Animals
Kawaii: Draw Every Little Creature in the Cutest Style Ever!
BY Angela Nguyen

Search Press
16 August 2018/ ISBN 9781782216599
How-To Books/ Art

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Kawaii is Japanese for cute, and here is the sequel to Kawaii: How To Draw Really Cute Stuff (also reviewed on this site). In this book you can find out how to draw all kinds of animals in a cute manner and discover how to make your drawings look this way.

You only need the minimum of drawing materials to draw anything in this book and you probably already own them. You also don’t need to be an artist as it is surprisingly simple to draw in this style; far more so than in the style associated with manga. The introduction explains quickly and simply with examples how to make your drawings look cute and appealing. The rest of the book contains the projects, which are divided into where the animals are found. There are pets and common wild animals, ones found in jungles, forest/grassland, water and on the farm. Choose from favorites like cats, dogs, penguins, owls and even dinosaurs or try a more unusual creature like a red panda, stingray, platypus or armadillo. Each animal is shown in several simple steps over two pages together with a fact about it and several poses to try. Unlike the first book this one is more of a workbook as the second page of each project has a drawing to finish and color in yourself. This is a great way of practising and creating some scenes without having to wonder what to draw. Learn the cartoon shorthand of depicting moods, movement and more – it is surprisingly easy and fun, suitable for all ages and levels of art experience and rather addictive. It is also a great way of making original and personal greetings cards or any other decorative project and like its companion volume one for the keeper shelf.

If you cannot find a good range of drawing materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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