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Knit Me, Dress Me, Love Me
Sue Stratford

Search Press
23 March 2017/ ISBN 9781782213796
How-To Books/Knitting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Knit five 8” cute animals and their “mini me” doll counterparts plus a whole wardrobe of mix and match outfits with this fun stash-busting book. Choose from bunny, mouse, kitten, monkey, puppy, teddy or panda, and kit them out for school, bedtime, beach, snow or picnic. This is not a book for the total beginner as, like most pattern books, it does not teach knitting from scratch. But improver level and upwards will enjoy these small projects. At the front several techniques featured are explained with the aid of some good-sized photographs, and there are a few simple embroidery stitches to learn as well. Each toy has a life-size photograph of it front and back together with full instructions (written, no charts apart from the sweater), and there is the fun added touch of the miniature versions of the animals. Even toys need their own toys! The garments and accessories are divided into their respective themes, and feature both knitting and sewing projects. These can be done by hand and are simple -- the animals plus their toys can be made using a whole ball of yarn, but the rest is ideal for using up odds and ends. This is an attractive and well laid out book, but I felt that the print was fairly small and not very black; good eyesight is needed. But then it is needed anyway for such fine work. Apart from this minor point, knitters will find this an excellent way of using up yarn and fabric and having some relaxing fun as well.

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