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Layered and Stitched Pictures
The Textile Artist Series
Layered and Stitched Pictures: Using Free Machine Embroidery and Appliqué to Create Textile Art Inspired By Everyday Life
BY Katie Essam

Search Press
23 July 2018/ ISBN 9781782215134
How-To Books / Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Make pictures using hand and free machine embroidery, appliqué, collage and fabric painting with the help of this useful book. The entire process of creation, from inspiration to the finished work, is covered, so even beginners can see how this type of project can be accomplished.

Whatever type of picture you have in mind, seeing a step-by-step process is invaluable, because it equips you with the knowledge to do your own thing. The book starts with a list of materials, and if you do any fabric craft, you will already have a lot of them.

The next stage is being inspired and planning your work, as well as learning how to do free machine embroidery. I like the way how, instead of having all the projects at the back as a culmination of processes, they are interspersed throughout the book. Thus, you can practice your machining skills with a beach scene, make a picture of a hare and learn how to use fusible webbing and appliqué, or progress to adding in paint with a couple of bird portraits.

Further projects show how to put all these skills together to produce a scene featuring a hen and rooster, have a go at collage and, finally, see how you can use your own photographs and sketches to make pictures. It is all very user-friendly and hands-on, a method that invariably works well for me and eliminates the “boring part” of having to cram in a lot of information first before actually using it. Instead you can amass a body of work as you go and have fun trying out all the different techniques. One of the best books I have seen on tackling mixed media work.

If you cannot find a good range of textile art materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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