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Sewing Room Secrets: Machine Sewing
Top Tips and Techniques for Successful Sewing
By Debbie Shore

Search Press
1 January 2019/ ISBN 9781782213369
How-To Books / How-To Books/Sewing

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


As it says on the cover, this book contains “top tips and techniques for successful sewing.” I expected a book for beginners and this is all that, but there is also plenty of use for experienced machine users too There are useful tips for buying a machine to start with, complete with a diagram of a typical basic model with all the parts named. Troubleshooting and maintenance advice follows, along with a guide to common types of foot and needle. Discover what basic items you need and why you need them, plus a guide to different fabric types… I certainly wish I had had this book when I was starting out! Other topics covered include threads, interfacing, wadding, toy filler, and even storage. I don’t own all of the items listed in the Tools section so don’t worry if you don’t either; this is very much a personal list, but a good book like this tells you what is out there so you can decide what you need.

The rest of the book takes you through a number of basic techniques from basic seams to putting in a zipper, using piping, making pleats and hemming. This is not only a book for the garment maker as there are also tips for quilters, toy makers, free machine embroiderers and of course no Debbie Shore book would be complete without a section on bags. There are some projects to try out your new skills including a tablet case, toaster cover, bolster pillow and several bags. All techniques and projects have staged photographs, and I confess I learned a lot (and unlearned a few bad habits). Modern materials are covered too so you can find out how to put in a bag frame, apply snaps and bag locks. Throughout the book there are numerous sections of tips and jargon busters, so even if you know nothing about sewing, you will by the end of the book. This is a really useful book that belongs on the keeper shelf of anybody who owns (or plans to buy) a sewing machine.

If you cannot find a good range of general sewing tools and materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2019