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Make It By Hand Papercraft Series
BY Paula Pascual

Carlton Books (distributed by Search Press)
23 August 2018/ ISBN 9781787391178
How-To Books / Papercraft / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Decorate your home for Christmas and more with this cut out and create book of snowflake inspired projects. Simply cut out and follow the instructions to make fifteen beautiful items.

One look at the lovely snowflakes and angels on the cover and I was sold – I particularly love books that you can make up! Don’t forget to make copies, though, before you start snipping, as there are so many lovely patterns in here that more projects suggest themselves as you leaf through. You don’t need much to make anything in here and there is just one page of simple basics before the creating starts.

As most of the book is for cutting up, all the project instructions are at the front, and all have staged photographs with captions. As well as the usual card, tags and pictures, there is a table runner, gift box, mobile, 3D Christmas tree, bow, angel and others. Many can be made up in white if desired, but each piece is double sided so there is choice of color. For example the tree is green one side and red the other.

All lines are black and fairly fine, visible on white or pale colors but a bit hard to see on some of the darker ones. Work in a good light would be my advice, and this book won’t arrive bent if sent through the mail as it has a hard card back. A lovely and well produced book that is a lot of fun to make up.

If you cannot find a good range of paper craft materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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