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Making Soap
18 Luxurious Soaps to Make and Give Using Natural Ingredients
BY Kathrin Landmann

Search Press
25 March 2019/ ISBN 9781782216230
How-To Books / Soap Making

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Have some good, clean fun making your own soap. This is not a book of ideas for melt-and-pour mixtures, but one on how to make soap from scratch. This is a lengthy process involving some substances which can be harmful, but the result is stunning and as this method retains the glycerine much better for the skin. Interested? Let’s take a closer look.

I have seen various books on soap before, but usually they are about using premade mixes which is what I do. This book explains the process of making soap from understanding the terminology, to learning about the often unfamiliar ingredients through to putting it all together. You need to sit down and read through it more than once but rest assured that this author explains it as simply as possible and that it is all perfectly doable with patience, care and a few items you probably won’t own, such as a very tall saucepan. Most of the complicated part features some very useful staged photographs, and after you have mastered the basics there are eighteen different recipes to try and well as washing and shaving soap. Use kitchen ingredients such as cucumber, yoghourt, olive oil and honey for a very natural product but also have fun with dyes, fancy molds and fragrances. Turn to the back for some useful tables about the types of fats and how to use them, saponification numbers, troubleshooting and the all-important suppliers list. This book was originally published in Germany but there are also suppliers for other European countries and the UK. Real soap making is a world away from melt and pour, but a lot more versatile and the end result is something to be truly proud of This is not a very long book, so rest assured that there is not too much to learn and Ms Landmann explains it all very clearly and simply.

If you cannot find a good range of soap making materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2019