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Mini Hoop Embroideries
Over 60 little masterpieces to stitch and wear
BY Sonia Lyne

Search Press
19 October 2018 / ISBN 9781782216650
How-To Books / Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Embroidery hoops that you can wear as jewelry? This is the latest way of wearing your art in miniature, and the invention of the book’s author. Visit her website for everything you need (if you are in Australia) plus stockists for those in other countries.

One look at the glorious array of colourfully-stitched mini hoops on the cover and I was sold. Wearable art is my passion and I am always on the lookout for the latest thing. This book tells you what you need to know, starting with lists of what you need (basic needlecraft supplies) to suggestions for fabrics, threads and “fun bits”. The next section shows you how to assemble the hoops when completed, some basic embroidery stitches, how to transfer designs and other essentials. The page of tips and tricks are useful, and throughout the author has written her book in a friendly, chatty style which is accessible and a lot more fun than bald instructions. I particularly like the page showing one simple design (a heart) and nine different ways it could be worked. There are over sixty different patterns in here and they are divided into sections for ease of use. Start with that simple heart, then progress to more embellished designs for feathers, flowers and houses. Stitch a family portrait using simple shapes (easier than it sounds and very effective), use lace, sequins and beads, stitch your own drawing, work a design that flows out of the hoop and couch down thicker threads. Elsewhere are abstracts, traditional florals and even pet portraits. Some of this can be done using the author’s “spray and print” technique which utilizes a printer, some spray adhesive and a picture file on the computer. This book is full of modern embroidery ideas and is a lot of fun; even beginners can master it and the designs can be as easy or complex as you wish. A great new innovation.

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Reviewed 2018