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Needle Lace Techniques For Hand Embroidery
Search Press
Hazel Blomkamp

25 September 2017/ ISBN 9781782215189
How-To Books/Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Needle lace is associated with 17th century embroidery styles such as Jacobean and stumpwork and looks complicated. If you are an embroiderer who wants to widen your repertoire and have a go at something different, this is a good place to start.

A companion to this author’s Needle Weaving Techniques For Hand Embroidery (also reviewed on this site this month) this book has a useful spiral spine so the book stays flat when you are using it. This is a more advanced book than the other and I would recommend it to more experienced stitchers, but the diagrams are easy to follow and go a long way towards making this technique seem accessible. After a very brief introduction on how to read the charts you are instantly plunged into having a go yourself and starting off simply. I think that starting at the beginning and doing some of the easier patterns first is the key to success here; there are thirty-four of these to work through and each one teaches something new. After this section there follows a short one on adding beads, another on making edgings plus a final chapter on extra techniques and fillers. These include picots, arches, daisy centers, and a padded buttonhole. Fillers are combinations of stitches for the stitcher who has mastered this book and can “start to play.” The needle weaving book had some insets showing photographs of actual work and this book does not, apart from the cover, which is a pity,. Charts are in color and easier to read than needle lace charts usually are, with a few written instructions often including a simple code (eg 2 x DBS into first BS = two detached buttonhole stitches into the first backstitch). A needle is often shown working a part of the stitch and I was pleasantly surprised that it all seemed doable and rather relaxing. Originally published in South Africa, this is a very user-friendly primer and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to learn needle lace.

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