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Paper Christmas
16 Papercrafting Projects for the Festive Season
BY Emily Dawe

Search Press
27 August 2018/ ISBN 9781782215585
How-To Books/Papercraft / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Get ready for the festive season with sixteen papercraft projects. Deck the halls, adorn gifts, craft cards and get party ready with hats and table decorations – all you need is paper and some craft supplies.

If you are a papercrafting novice you can learn quite a few techniques with this book: using embossing powder, adding glitter, book folding, marbling, simple origami and kirigami. A beginner will be able to tackle all of these thanks to the clear instructions, but they are unlikely to own a Cricut…fortunately pretty much all the fancy cutting can also be done by hand. The book starts with looking at different types of paper, showing how to find the grain and what else you require to tackle the projects. It depends what you want to make and/or have a go at what you will buy and the author helpfully talks a bit about each item. Before the projects there is a short section on paper basics, such as making a square, working with double-sided tape, scoring and folding. The projects are divided into three sections: gifts and their packaging, decorations and “festive fun” i.e., anything else. Make cards and tags, marble your own wrapping paper, hang up bunting and a novel advent calendar, decorate your table with favor cones and put on some party hats. Many of the techniques and patterns can be adapted for other uses so gift tags become a garland, paper bird decorations become tags and advent houses turn into tealight holders. Instructions are clear and involve plenty of staged photographs as well as a large picture of the finished item in situ. Turn to the back for all the templates, which are mostly full sized apart from the advent house nets. Once the techniques have been learned, I can imagine a whole world of papercrafting will open up for the newbie, and although it doesn’t say “beginner” in the title, this book is suitable for one, or for anybody else in need of a few new ideas. A lovely book that shows what fun papercraft can be.

If you cannot find a good range of papercraft materials locally try for a list of suppliers.


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Reviewed 2018