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Paper Craft Home Beautiful Projects to Cut, Fold and Shape
BY Sarah Louise Matthews

Search Press
13 June 2018/ ISBN 9781782216209
How-T o Books/Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Fill your home and delight your family and friends with these fun papercraft projects. You won’t need a die cutter or any expensive tools, just basic items, a steady hand and some patience. The results are twenty-five lovely, professional looking and very contemporary pieces from pictures to gift boxes, garlands, planters, decorations and ornaments.

I love a book that uses traditional, simple materials and comes up with something that looks totally modern. If you are already a papercrafter, you won’t need to buy anything new, and if you are not, then scissors, a craft knife and plenty of plain, colored paper is mostly all you require. There are lists of what you need at the front, but the emphasis is on the making rather than the buying.

A helpful guide to the layout of projects is included, so you get the most out of them, plus a list of symbols denoting techniques used and three skill levels. Before the projects, there are several pages where beginners can learn the skills they need. Cutting, curling, folding, scoring and tying a perfect bow are all covered with staged photographs. Each project also has these, either square or prettily shaped like hexagons, recalling bee hives and giving the pages an attractive layout. Sometimes I felt that they could have been larger but work in a good light and this won’t be too much of a problem.

There are some imaginative and unusual pieces in here, including a swan gift bag, a vase of twigs sporting cherry blossom, summer festival floral crown, a wonderfully elaborate Polish paper chandelier decoration, faux cuckoo clock and my own favorite, a string of LED fairy lights with metallic paper flower shades. Some of the templates will need to be enlarged, but most of this book will be doable as soon as you receive the book. Papercraft for the 21st century.

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