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Papercut Landscapes
BY Sarah King

Search Press
5 March 2019/ ISBN 9781782215660
How-To Books / Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Using just paper and a knife you can create beautiful landscape pictures – no die cutter required. Papercutting has been enjoyed all over the world for hundreds of years, and Sarah King has given her own twist to it. Part of the technique is inspired by silhouette cutting, but builds up a picture using many colors of paper plus a white filigree cutout over the top which outlines all the shapes. It is original, very effective and quite intricate, but perfectly doable if you follow all the steps. This book takes you through what to buy and the differences between the various craft knives on the market and the types of paper available. Learn how to cut straight, curved and wavy lines, transfer designs and troubleshoot. Have a go with a simple project that is just an outline, and then add in the colored layers. There are pages on choosing colors and planning your layout for a good picture, and another two starter projects that each take about half an hour to cut. When you are confident enough to tackle a whole picture there are twelve to have a go at, ranging from hot air balloons to seaside scenes, a park, waterfall, moorland and caravans. All depict typically British views but to help you with your own style there is a final section entitled “finding your voice”. This has tips for your own designing ranging from sketching, embellishing, using different papers, mounting and an all-important warning regarding copyright. By the end of the book I felt full of ideas I wanted to try, and there are also quite a few examples of the author’s own work to inspire. A lovely and original book that shows you don’t need to spend lots of money or buy the latest equipment to produce impressive art and have fun creating it.

If you cannot find a good range of knives and papers locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2019