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Paper Panda’s Guide To Papercutting
Paper Panda and Friends
Louise Firchau

Search Press
2 November 2016/ ISBN 9781782213246
How-To Books/Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Grab a knife and sheet of paper and get ready to fall in love with the ancient craft of papercutting. Forget expensive die cutting machines and show everybody what can be done with the simplest of tools…

I’m no Luddite but confess that I do prefer the relaxing and much cheaper alternative of doing it myself with a few basic items and my own imagination. This is an ideal book for anybody who does not need to mass produce and is aimed at both the beginner and intermediate papercutter. To start, there are a few pages about tools and papers, some useful beginner exercises and information about things like layering, infills, framing and looking for inspiration. This includes a useful piece about the perils of copyrights and a couple of pages on designing your own work, which is mostly about positive/negative images and cutting words. There are three other designers’ works in here apart from Paper Panda, making a nice mix of styles and over twenty projects to cut. After a brief bio from each designer, you can take a look at all the projects in their finished state, together with a short description regarding inspiration and a hint or two. After this comes the templates themselves, ready to copy and cut. Choose from inspiring words, folk art, animals, birds, flowers, figures, seasonal, etc., including flamingos surrounded by plants, a Dala horse, cuckoo clock, Christmas tree, sun and moon, and a garden scene. Designs can be copied for your own personal use or sold in aid of charities, and are ideal for greetings cards, pictures and whatever else you can think of to adorn with a paper cut. This is a beautiful and inspiring book that will appeal to anybody who wants to take up the hobby, or who is looking for some attractive and imaginative projects to cut.

If you cannot find a good range of paper crafting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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