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Rosemary Bag
Debbie Shore Sewing Patterns
BY Debbie Shore

Search Press
25 September 2019/ ISBN 9781782218425
How-To Books / Sewing

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


What is simpler for beginner bag makers than a book? Answer: a pattern pack! Debbie Shore has created three of these to make bag making a breeze for even newbie stitchers. You don’t even have to cut out all the shapes yourself.

Open the sturdy card envelope and inside are an instruction booklet and pattern sheets. The booklet tells you what you need to buy and takes you through the construction process via captioned photographs. You will need to obtain some Bosal single-sided fusible foam stabilizer to adhere to your fabric, but you don’t have to cut it out yourself as you can buy it ready cut (or in a sheet if you prefer). Basic sewing equipment and a few other items are required plus a working knowledge of using a sewing machine, etc but this pattern booklet is ideal for somebody who is new to patterns and projects. Measurements in the booklet and on the sheets are given in both imperial and metric and the thin white paper is easier to deal with than traditional pattern tissue paper. Rosemary is a pretty bag just over a foot wide with a shaped flap. Leave off the strap if you want a clutch purse; it is also ideal for decorating with embroidery, beadwork, etc if you are feeling like a bit more of a challenge. Also available in the series is quilted Shelley (a bit like a satchel) and bucket tote Elizabeth for shopping in style. To make it even easier you can watch a video tutorial as a QR code and website address is given. I wish there had been things like this available when I started out sewing; a winning idea for a series of patterns that I hope will be added to.

If you cannot find a good range of general sewing tools and materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

The pack of Bosal Foam Pre-Cut Shapes to make this and the other two patterns are available from along with the single sided foam in a sheet.

Foam sheets also available from

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Reviewed 2019