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Sew Kraft-Tex Bags
Tips & Techniques for Working with Kraft Paper Fabric
BY Betsy La Honta & Gailen Runge

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
25 January 2019/ ISBN 9781617457272
How-To Books / Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Bags made from…paper? It sounds incredible, but Kraft-Tex is a new medium for crafting that behaves just like fabric. Wash it, iron it, stitch it and use it where you would use not only fabric but leather, cork or vinyl, too. It is kinder to the environment than many other materials and was only invented back in 2013, so a book on how to use it really makes sense.

If any of the seventeen bags in this book look familiar, it is because this is a compilation of patterns taken from a variety of other bag books. The difference is that all of them now make use of a lot or a little Kraft-Tex, showing how versatile it can be. The book starts by introducing the new material and explaining how it behaves and how to work with it. The rest of the book contains the projects, each one shown made up both in ordinary fabric (as it was when featured in the earlier book) and partly or wholly in Kraft-Tex. Instructions explain how you can either incorporate it or not, and if you don’t want to, alternatives are given which is a nice touch. Turn to the front of the book for thumbnails of all the bags, a very wide range of different types. From a picnic basket to a tiny pouch, a bag to hang on a bike’s crossbars, male clutch purse, messenger bag, tote and tool/pencil rolls. A basic knowledge of sewing is required but each project contains staged photographs for perfect results. At the back are several pages showing how to do several basic things from sewing darts to putting in a pocket, making bias, putting in a zipper, making a strap, attaching D-Rings etc. Many of these also show how to do it with Kraft-Tex, too. This new fabric is not exactly cheap, but durable, vegan and not difficult to work with. Inside the back cover are the patterns and a notice advertising “Kraft-Tex University” on You Tube where you can learn even more about this medium. All this has certainly left me keen to make a start; an inspiring book of useful bags.

If you cannot find a good range of Kraft-Tex locally try for a list of suppliers.

In the UK www.sewhot.couk/ has a good range of colors.
Also try

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