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Sew Small – 19 Little Bags
19 Little Bags
Jennifer Heynen

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
1 April 2017/ ISBN 9781617454332
How-To Books/Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


You can have a place for everything when you make the bags in this book. As the subtitle says, you can “stash your coins, keys, earbuds, jewelry and more” in the pretty wee bags, which are not only fairly simple to make but are a great way of using up oddments left over from larger projects.

All the bags in here are rather special, and many do not even look very bag-like. There is one shaped like a house, another like an ice cream cone, a ladybug, whale, flower, and even my own favorite, a log. As well as plain machine and hand sewing, you can have a go at appliqué, patchwork and embroidery, plus enjoy working with lots of fun trims. This book is aimed at improvers and up. Anybody who knows their way around a sewing machine and has done some sewing ought to be able to make these projects. At the beginning there are instructions on how to add trims, topstitch to make appliqué and so a few embroidery stitches, namely running stitch, backstitch and French knots. It does help to have another embroidery book handy, however (check out the Search Press catalog), as in the second project you will need to know a couple more. Each project has a large photograph of the finished item, plus a list of what you need and a cutting list with sizes in imperial. The instructions have plenty of diagrams showing what to do, and everything is laid out with double spacing, giving it an airy, easy to read appearance. All the projects have quite a number of steps, too, which is ideal for anybody who has not done much in this line before. The bags would make excellent gifts and show well how things that are practical can also be very pretty.

If you cannot find a good range of sewing materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2017