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Small Art Quilts
Explorations in Paint & Stitch
The Textile Artist Series

BY Deborah O’Hare

Search Press
27 February 2018/ ISBN 9781782214502
How-To Books/Fabric Craft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


The latest in the Textile Artist series focuses on using hand and machine embroidery with paint to make small art quilts. These are mostly about the size of the book (8” x 11”) and ideal for exploring ideas, using up leftovers and filling a blank space on a wall.

The book opens with a list of what you need, which is mostly what you already have if you own a sewing machine, piles of scrap fabric, reels and hanks of thread and a fabric painting kit. Although this isn’t a book aimed at the beginning stitcher you don’t need to be an expert quilter to have fun making these small pieces of art. The first part of the book deals with how to do the various techniques including several paint effects, the making of stencils and stamps with household items, and planning your design. After this prepare your quilt surface by doing fun things like cutting up fabric and applying it to the background and practising straight line and freeform machine quilting. Most of the pieces are landscapes and the author shows you how they are done; an enjoyably freestyle process involving lots of scraps, simple machining and a variety of other techniques. Try appliqué, hand embroidery or use all those patterns your machine probably does but which seldom get used. There is a section on mounting and displaying your work plus two projects complete with life-sized patterns. I found this book to be very hands-on, the sort of book that makes you itch to start creating and which at last finds a use for even the tiniest scrap of fabric or shortest length of thread. A fine entry in an excellent series.

If you cannot find a good range of textile craft materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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