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Stitched Textiles: Nature
The Stitched Textiles Series
BY Stephanie Redfern

Search Press
13 April 2018 / ISBN 9781,782214526
How-To Books/Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Stephanie Redfern shows you how she takes nature as her inspiration and creates mixed media art. Learn how to incorporate many techniques and materials, create inspirational resources and interpret nature in your own unique way.

This large format book also features plenty of lush good-sized photographs to inspire creativity, and three staged projects so you can put all you have learned to use. All the photographs are a good size and accompanied by explanatory text in an easy to understand descriptive style. As this is a book on picture making rather than washable, wearable art many of the materials featured will already be owned by general crafters. They include colored pencils, acrylic paints, papers, a sewing machine, threads, fabrics and more. Discover how to look for inspiration in nature and make a record of it for reference, and choose a color scheme. There are various techniques you can try out before putting together to make your picture. These include machine and hand stitching, print making, painting and more with plenty of examples of finished work. The author looks at different themes and how to go from inspiration through planning your project to the finished work. Themes include rainforest, botany, ocean, birds, and animals and the three projects are in this section, allowing you to put into practise some of the techniques and ideas explored earlier. In my opinion, this book’s most appealing feature is the way the author discusses her work from initial inspiration, through how she uses different techniques and combines them to make pictures. , Her style is mostly fairly abstract but even if this does not appeal it is the processes that get the creative juices flowing. They show how accessible this type of collage making is whatever your own level of expertise or chosen craft. An inspiring and enjoyable look at mixed media work.

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