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Stitching with a Handful of Beads
Carolyn Cave

Kalmbach Books
October 24, 2017/ ISBN 978-1627003896
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Reviewed by Linda Morelli



Carolyn Cave and Kalmbach Books have provided an outstanding new offering in the world of beading: Stitching with a Handful of Beads. One look at the cover says it all: this is a unique guide to making some of the loveliest necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings around. At first blush, the designs are so beautiful that I was sure they’d be too difficult for me to make, but with Ms. Cave’s illustrated instructions, making these designs was less daunting than I thought. The wonderful intro section covers beads, tools and materials, as well as basic techniques and terms. I especially appreciated the section on making chains and the various stitches, a few of which were new to me, such as the St. Petersburg Chain and the Albion Stitch.

I love the full color photos of the finished designs, as well as the intricate illustrations that make it easy to follow the various stitches to make the designs. I have to say, Ms. Cave makes following her instructions easy. The designs are all exquisite and many of the resulting necklaces and earrings are simply breathtaking. Of course, I have my favorites: “The Waterfall Necklace” using the St. Petersburg chain stitch, the magnificent and eye-catching “Khione Bracelet”, and the superb “Serenity Bracelet” using pearls and seed beads. All these designs would make wonderful presents for friends and family, but don’t tell anyone: many of these finished pieces are so magnificent that I’m keeping a few for myself!

Stitching with a Handful of Beads is a book you’ll want to keep by your side, next to your jewelry supplies. It’s one you’ll refer to again and again as a source of inspiration and one that will stir your creative ideas for years to come.

Notes: Carolyn Cave is an award-winning bead artist and the author of Beautiful Designs with SuperDuos and Twin Beads from Kalmbach Publishing.

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