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Stunning Stitches For Crazy Quilts
480 Embroidered Seam Designs, 36 Stitch-Template Designs for Perfect Placement
BY Kathy Seaman Shaw

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
1 June 2019/ ISBN 9781617457739
How-To Books / Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Embellish the seams on your crazy quilt (or any other sewing project) with the ideas in this beautiful book. There are 480 seam designs to choose from and 36 stitch-template designs for getting the placement exactly right. If you are new to freestyle hand embroidery it doesn’t matter as not only are there clear diagrams for all the stitches used, there are only a few of the simpler ones to learn.

Part of the appeal of this book is not merely that it contains page after page of stunning seam designs, but that none is too difficult to create even for novice embroiderers. Any book with “quilt” on the front page is going to be aimed primarily at quilters, a craft that mostly makes use of a sewing machine and/or ordinary hand sewing stitches. Crazy quilting is rather different, and a brief history of it is given along with a list of what you will need. The stitches are the usual basic hand embroidery staples such as blanket stitch, herringbone, bullion knots, feather stitch, etc plus several variations to make a seam look prettier. The large colored diagrams are easy to follow and include how to do several stitches using ribbon and how to make several small repeat designs. These include flowers, insects and “prongs” as well as how to add beads and buttons. At the front is also a short section on how to use the book including building layered seams and using templates. There are 36 of these ready to scan/photocopy/trace onto vellum and use to get your seams perfectly spaced. The rest of the book contains first a gallery of photographs of the seams, and then the patterns. These are organized by the base seam stitch and are drawn in several colors for ease of use. Under the diagram is a list of the stitches and any other information. For example the template number is given first, followed by the stitches used first in thread, then in ribbon (if applicable) and lastly if there are any “beads and baubles” to add. The finished result looks gorgeous, and the cover shows several of them to whet your appetite. A lovely and very user friendly book that will appeal to quilters, hand embroiderers and anybody else who wants to embellish something.

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Reviewed 2019