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Tangle Wood Collector’s Art Collection
Jessica Palmer

Search Press
27 January 2017/ ISBN 9781782214878
Non Fiction/Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


The original Tangle Wood, published back in 2015 and also reviewed on this site, was a delightful journey through a magical wood filled with objects to find. This is a new deluxe version that takes twenty of the original pictures and prints them larger on much thicker paper. This has the added dimension of allowing the colorist to choose from a wider range of coloring media and being frameable.

I wish more coloring books used this type of thick, off-white board-like card! This is ideal for paints, Aquarelle pencils and even permanent markers as it is one sided and thick enough not to buckle, stay wet or shadow. If you are a bit heavy on the water or allow the Sharpie to linger a little longer, the pictures are one-sided and thus can be removed from the spine fairly easily for framing. None of the pictures are too close to any edges for easier coloring and mounting, and the book will open flat. The line widths vary from very fine to medium but all look hand drawn with no pixilation. Every picture is a scene with no mandalas or abstract “carpet” pages and none requires extra drawing. Some of the pictures with plenty of space around them might encourage some people to do a little extra drawing, but to me they all look finished and complete; just add color. There are owls in trees, butterflies, dragonflies, hares, a hedgehog, birds, flowers and more. You need good eyesight and lighting to color in the more intricate areas, but each picture is a nice mix of the challenging and more relaxing for variety. If like me you love large format books (8¾” x 13”), thick card and the natural world with a fantasy twist, this one will have a lot of appeal. I would like to see editions like this of the other two books in the series – highly recommended for all colorists.

If you cannot find a good range of coloring and drawing materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2017