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The Visual Guide To Crazy Quilting
Sharon Boggon

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
1 July 2017/ ISBN 9781617453618
How-To Books/Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Are you a magpie hoarder of scraps of fabric, fancy threads, shiny beads and odd charms? Do you have leftovers from other projects, broken jewellery or old clothes? If the answer is a loud yes (and it usually is with crafters) this is the book for you. Repurpose all this junk (ahem stash of treasures) into something beautiful with this useful primer.

I had heard of crazy quilts but was unsure what they were or how they were made. You don’t need to be a quilter to make them or even own a sewing machine (although it helps) as after the irregular shaped pieces have been stitched onto a base the real fun begins. It is all about surface decoration, taking a few simple embroidery stitches a long way and having fun with your stash. This is not a book of projects as the nature of crazy quilting does not lend itself to this type of thing; it is all about what you have and what you want to do with it. Instead the book guides you through what you need, how to do the basic part and then lets rip with a glorious range of different ways of embellishing your seams. There are plenty of helpful diagrams and lots of examples of sections from finished work; it would have been great to have seen a Victorian sample but this is all modern. It is the sort of book filled with color and instantly doable things that make a crafter want to raid their hoard and make something. The author’s approach is very hands-on and suitable for anybody who has this type of stash, basic sewing skills and plenty of time. However, as this is a craft that can be done on a lap, it is ideal for relaxing with in front of the TV. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed 2017