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Watercolour Flowers
Take Three Colours Series
Julie King

Search Press
4 July 2017/ ISBN 9781782215288
How-To Books/Art


Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Keen to learn how to paint in watercolors from scratch, but don’t want to spend too much in case it is not for you? Search Press’ Take Three Colours series is ideal as you only have to buy a few materials and each primer takes you through several skill building projects ideal for the complete beginner.

I LOVE this idea and think you could do a series like this for most hobbies. Trying to work out the minimum amount you need to actually make something but worried you won’t take to it concerns everybody taking the plunge with a new interest. With this series, you just buy three colors, three brushes, some paper and a cheap palette. The author takes you step by step with nine projects, each one teaching you several essential skills. The final painting is shown life size (A4) so you can trace it off and transfer it to your paper (instructions included). As well as Search Press’ trademark staged photographs, there is a useful list of the skills covered, “jargon buster” boxes and even a closeup of a palette with the mixed colors on it. Also included is help on how to mix them and various tips. My only complaint is that the shot of the pencil tracing could be a bit easier to see; knowing how much detail has been included in a tracing is very helpful for a beginner. But this is a very minor gripe and the rest of the book gets an unreserved five stars for being a truly accessible primer a total beginner can actually learn from with no prior knowledge. Soon you can have a portfolio of lovely floral paintings including tulip, rose, passion flower, sunflower, poppies and more. At the front of the book is a helpful page showing thumbnails of all nine paintings and all for under a tenner (or under $15 US). More please, covering other types of paint and topics. Very highly recommended.

If you cannot find a good range of watercolor painting materials locally, try \ for a list of suppliers.

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