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Butterfly Stitches
BY Catherine Redford

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
1 October 2019/ ISBN 9781617459863
How-To Books / Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Butterflies are a perennially popular subject for crafters, and here is a book filled with patterns to embroider and combine with wool appliqué. Either embroider them in the usual way, or combine with colorful felted wool or wool felt for extra dimension.

If you love bright colors as much as I do, you will instantly want to own this book when you see the cover. These are not the butterflies you see in the real world but fantasy versions, including moths, a dragonfly and a lacewing. I would recommend this title for improvers and up, because although there are instructions for working chain stitch plus a number of its variations, other stitches are shown as photographic details from the patterns. Thus you might know how to work fly stitch but unless you can work out tête de boeuf or wrapped fly stitch you will need a stitch encyclopaedia. The same goes for needle weaving, double cast-on stitch and Pekinese stitch; the lack of instructions is a bit disappointing.

Fortunately there are instructions for transferring line drawings and working the felt appliqué, plus a gallery of ideas if you are wondering what exactly to make. The main part of the book contains all the patterns, which are actual size and are of the type you need to trace rather than iron-on transfers. Each of the twelve flying creatures is shown three times: as a pattern for embroidery, a pattern for appliqué and the separate pieces to cut out of the felt. Also included are four photographs, two for each style. These show the finished piece, plus the same image showing what all the stitches are. There are no shade numbers as you are free to choose your own colors. All the embroidery is done using 8-weight hand-dyed perle cottons, which are not exactly thick on the ground here in the UK, but you can stitch them with a wide variety of threads. The author says that she had a lot of fun compiling this book and I can imagine it. This is a lovely and relaxing way to add a touch of butterfly magic to your fabric projects.

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