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Embroidered Boxes
RSN Series
BY Heather Lewis

Search Press
4 February 2020/ ISBN 9781782216520
How-To Books / Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Store your jewelry (or anything else that requires a very special home) in these stunning embroidered boxes. Learn the skills to design your own and the stitches to make them beautiful in this impressive Royal School of Needlework book.

I’ve had fun making boxes since I learned to make nets at school when I was about seven. If you like making functional items that make great gifts this book contains three such projects, as well as all you need to know to make your own designs up. Most of what you need consists of basic stationary items, fabric and thread plus a few embellishments. There are a few extras such as mountboard and a special cutter for it, a good sized floor standing slate frame for larger projects and some smaller items but nothing too expensive or unusual. The middle section explains all the basics common to any box making project such as designing, working out construction, working with different frames, transferring designs and choosing fabric. Learn the embroidery stitches used in the projects; these bring together several different styles of embroidery including freestyle, goldwork, ribbonwork and needlelace. As with everything in this book there are plenty of staged photographs with captions that take you through the processes for a smooth learning experience. There are only three projects in here but each one will teach you a lot of useful things about box making and they are all beautiful. Choose from a treasure chest box with a simple dragonfly motif in crystal, an elegant square box with an afternoon tea picture on the lid and my favorite the stunning 17th century stumpwork casket. Each project has quite a few pages detailing it all including a list of what you need, all measurements given in imperial and metric, patterns to trace and transfer and lots of helpful photographs. I can’t wait to get started! One of my favorite books this year to date as it makes a subject often considered complicated and obscure seem doable, fresh and exciting.

If you cannot find a good range of embroidery and needlecraft materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2020