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Kawaii: Charms in Polymer Clay
Twenty To Make Series
BY Ruth Thompson

Search Press
13 November 2020 - Out 5 January 2021 in US/ ISBN9781782218968
How-To Books / Craft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


In love with this fashionable, cute Japanese style? Make your own charms from polymer clay that you can bake in your own home oven and decorate everything in sight with them!

As with all the titles in this series this is a small format book with twenty projects in it. Although it doesn’t particularly specify the level of experience required I would say that even a beginner could tackle these projects.

Certainly there is more information than usual with this series about how to work with this clay, including tips on curing it, texturizing it, adding color and making faces. No particular brand is specified, but nearly all the colors used are common to all brands. Each project has text instructions, a list of materials and tools and a full page photograph. Some projects feature additional ideas or colors, or a useful tip. The instructions are simple to follow, and the photographs help if you are unsure. The projects range from jewelry such as pendants, earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces, key rings and a ring to stationary items such as a paperclip, peg, bookmark and planner charm. There is even a Christmas tree decoration and several ornamental wee plant pots with succulents. The author captures the kawaii style very well, with simple clean lines and bright colors. Each item is either an animal or item with a cute face; subjects include a panda, cat, pumpkin, pencil, sloth, sushi and cauldron. Helpfully the final page covers troubleshooting tips and how to finish your pieces. One of my favorites in this series not only due to the projects but because of the instructions in starting with the clay, what to do if it goes wrong and some extra tips that I hadn’t thought of.

If you cannot find a good range of polymer clay locally try for a list of suppliers.'

Cernit (my own recommendation for this type of work) from

Cernit, Pardo, Kato, Premo and more from

Sculpey, Fimo and accessories from

Fimo from

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