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Kraft-Tex Creations
BY Lindsay Conner

Stash Books
Distributed in the UK by Search Press
31 January 2020/ ISBN 9781617458569
How-To Books / Needlecraft

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Kraft-Tex is technically a type of paper, but a better description of this remarkable material would be vegan leather. No animals are harmed in its manufacture and you can not only wash it but stitch it, paint on it, fold it, print on it and use it for all the things you would use leather, paper and fabric for. Not sure where to begin? Read on…

Last year I reviewed a book entitled Sew Kraft-Tex Bags and if you want to make more bags there are some in here. But you can also find patterns for bunting, bracelets, baby shoes, a box, coaster set, necklace, magnetic fridge organizer and more. To start with you can get acquainted with this material which comes in several colors and three types. Not all are the same so you can find out how they differ and what tools you need to buy in order to work successfully. Most are things you will already own if you sew but there are a couple of others to buy (nothing too pricey). As this is a material more akin to paper than fabric there are some working methods to learn first, but none of this will take long to read and you can soon start your first project. These are divided into quick ideas that make up fast and get you familiar with Kraft-Tex and projects which take longer. Turn to the back for a sheet of paper patterns plus some to scan or trace. All projects have a short piece about their designer, a large photograph of the finished piece, instructions with some staged photographs plus a list of materials/tools and another for cutting. All measurements are in imperial. As you can imagine this is a book aimed at those who are au fait with basic sewing techniques rather than sewing newbies. You can also learn how to do many different things with Kraft-Tex including painting, printing, weaving, attaching a bag frame, working with iron-on printer transfers and more. This is one of those books that showcases an exciting new addition to crafting and makes you feel glad that you are living in a time when such wonders are available.

If you cannot find a good range of Kraft-Tex locally try for a list of suppliers.

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