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Paint Pad Poster Book: City Scenes
Paint Pad Poster Book Series

BY Geoff Kersey

Search Press
17 June 2020 / 14 July in US / ISBN9781782217572
How-To Books / Art

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


This is the third entry in Search Press’ innovative series for novice watercolor painters. The large format (A3) book contains five sheets of watercolor paper with outlines printed on them, plus fully illustrated tutorials and a brief overview. When you have finished you will have learned a lot about working in your chosen medium plus a set of five elegant cityscapes to hang on your walls.

This is a great idea for anybody who is keen to make a start with watercolor painting but is not sure where to begin. It also eliminates the need for buying a pad of suitable paper and an instruction book; just purchase paints and brushes. There is a handy page which shows you a shopping list of everything you will need for each painting, plus a section at the beginning which tells you a bit about each item. Discover how to use masking fluid, what forms the paint comes in and the basic types of brushes as well as how to prepare your paper and what size frames to buy. To show you what your picture will look like there are exact size pictures of all five paintings which is helpful. Each project is built up in four stages, and for each stage an A5 sized image has arrows leading to captions describing what has been done, plus smaller pictures show details in close-up. This eliminates having to read a lot of text and there is nothing quite as good as an image to show rather than tell. If you don’t want to use watercolors these pictures can also be completed using pastels, colored pencils or acrylics. Thus, the book is also ideal for somebody who wants to try a new medium or who can already paint but wants to try a new subject. The pictures show the Arc de Triomphe, Tower Bridge, a London skyline, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. I hope that soon there will be more additions to this excellent series.

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